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Disaster Response
Disaster Response

Right now, a series of disasters is wreaking havoc around the world. Children have been left homeless, hungry, exposed to disease — on the very brink of survival — in cyclone-ravaged Myanmar, in China, where an earthquake has left thousands dead, and amidst a global food crisis. Please help us respond quickly!

   * millions impacted by cyclones in Myanmar and Bangladesh
   * survivors of the earthquake in China
   * refugees from the ongoing crisis in Darfur, Sudan
   * food riots in Haiti, Senegal, and Indonesia
   * and many more!

Today, Save The Children urgently needs your prayers and support to meet the needs of children and families in these and other disasters around the world. Your gift will help us rush lifesaving supplies such as emergency food, clean water, blankets, and temporary shelter.
Lifesaving Medicines and Supplies
Lifesaving Medicines and Supplies

Imagine you're a doctor or nurse, with the skills and training to save lives. A child comes to you, desperately weak and sick, but you have no medicine for that child. Every day in clinics around the world, health workers face this tragedy. It grieves them to turn away mothers who have walked for hours to bring their sick and dying children for medical care — because they do not have basic medicines and supplies needed to help them. They are pleading with us for help.
Seeds, Tools, and Training in Africa
Seeds, Tools, and Training in Africa
Help out! $75.00

You can help thousands of hungry families survive.

Millions of children all over the world are desperately hungry. Everyday is a fight for survival.

Your gift today will multiply in impact to help save lives by providing lifesaving food, plus a variety of hardy vegetable and grain seeds. You'll also provide tools like watering cans, hoes, machetes, and more to help them grow a good harvest.